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by Streetwise Coffee

last updated 22/07/2019

Having It All

by Streetwise Coffee

last updated 22/07/2019

New family, new business, new future for Streetwise Coffee franchisees

The Zeislers have made work fit around the family

At the end of a year’s maternity leave, Sarah Ziesler decided she didn’t want someone else dictating the time she could spend with her baby. So when husband Jono saw the Pukekohe Streetwise Coffee franchise for sale on his daily coffee run, it was the right opportunity at the right time.

‘We’d always wanted to have our own business, but not known where to start,’ Jono explains. ‘Streetwise Coffee was an investment we could afford, with a small upfront cost and quick generation of income. Some people were sceptical about franchising, but we liked the business concept and the funky atmosphere. Also, because Streetwise Coffee has a fixed franchise fee, we knew that the more effort we put in, the more we’d get out of it.’

After plenty of research and input from professional advisors, the couple bit the bullet and haven’t looked back since. ‘Streetwise Coffee has provided all the guidance and support we need as first-time business owners, as well as a business model that really works,’ says Jono. ‘There’s no way we could have achieved this much, this fast on our own! You can tell the company has focussed on building a really strong team before appointing lots of franchisees, and is now in the right position to grow while giving us all the best possible support.’

Lower cost, lower risk

Streetwise Coffee is not your typical café business. Instead of expensive premises, franchisees operate from stylish, carefully-designed carts serving first-class coffee and simple snacks. Unlike a mobile coffee van, there are no additional overheads such as fuel, WOF or vehicle registration. ‘It means franchisees enjoy the benefits of a portable site without the extra costs,’ says Streetwise director Donna Ferrall. ‘And it also means a lower-investment entry point into the hospitality industry, from as little as $155,000.’

Being newcomers to the coffee business, the Zieslers really valued the training that helped them hit the ground running. ‘Not only did we learn how to make a good cup of coffee; we also experienced every part of the day in-store with our trainers, met people in the office and distribution centre, and even spent time with the roasters who produce our unique blend. Experiencing the passion and work behind the scenes was a great introduction to the industry – you don’t realise how much truly goes into making a five dollar cup of coffee.’

The amount of time Streetwise Coffee was willing to invest in them gave Jono and Sarah confidence that the franchise had their best interests at heart. ‘Even after training, support staff stayed close by for the first few weeks, so we could always get quick answers or advice.’

Fit around the family

Still working his day job with NZ Police, Jono leaves day-to-day operations to Sarah. Rather than making their family fit around work, they’ve made work fit around their family. ‘Being my own boss has provided much more flexibility,’ Sarah says. ‘We have staff, so I work two part-days myself and dedicate another day to administration while our son gets social time in day care.’

‘It’s given us more of what we want and enjoy in life,’ Jono says. ‘We’re learning heaps about running a business with a solid brand behind us, which will open up more opportunities in the future. Our top priority right now is not to make lots of money, but we know that there’s plenty of room to grow when we’re ready.’

The chance to grow

With 15 franchisees operating 23 locations around the country, there’s a clear path for Jono and Sarah to become multi-site franchisees. They’re looking to open another cart at the end of the year, and are taking time to find the right site. ‘The systems and support give us the confidence that we could have two more stores and still have the lifestyle we want.

‘Some people go into business for themselves and don’t start making money for years, so we’re pretty lucky - that’s the benefit of not doing it alone. Of course we’ve made mistakes along the way, but they’ve been small learning opportunities, rather than disasters, and we’ve seen good growth in the nine months since we took over.

‘Pukekohe is a tight-knit community. We’re loyal to our own and love supporting local businesses, so it’s been an awesome experience to build a regular customer base and get that community feeling. As first-time parents and first-time business owners, too, we realise that community is more important than ever.

Any place, any stage

Donna Ferrall says, ‘Streetwise Coffee isn’t just a business; it’s an opportunity for people to build a great asset for the future. Jono and Sarah are a great example of how the franchise can work for you at any stage of life.

‘We have opportunities right now throughout New Zealand, including Auckland, Putaruru, Taihape and the South Island. If you want to do something you love and grow a strong, secure business, we’d love to help you – call me and find out more.’  

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