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by V.I.P. Home Services

last updated 28/08/2019

Unbelievably Good

by V.I.P. Home Services

last updated 28/08/2019

V.I.P. Home Services provides an executive income from a lifestyle business

V.I.P. has franchise opportunities available for sale in your area right now

Ever dreamed of becoming your own boss and working the hours that you choose? Dreamed of becoming financially independent with a healthy lifestyle? Well, Grant Bailey did – and he’s achieved it.

Just over seven years ago, Grant invested $23,000 to buy a V.I.P. Home Services lawnmowing franchise in West Auckland. ‘It was an incredibly low investment for a business that’s now averaging over $10,500 a month,’ he says. ‘I don’t employ staff, I mostly work just 35 hours a week and quite often I do a 4-day week, so I’ve got an executive income from a lifestyle business!’

Grant’s only regret is that he didn’t do it 10 years earlier. ‘That was all my fault,’ he chuckles. ‘I was employed fitting double glazing back then and I actually spoke to V.I.P. but I didn’t believe that the figures they showed me could possibly be true. When I went back to speak to them years later, I still had my doubts about the sums – but actually, what I’m achieving far exceeds them.

‘I’ve paid off a couple of mortgages on our homes and one we kept as a rental property, and my wife and I go to visit our son in Canada most years. We don’t go mad with spending but we don’t have the restraints of a wage earner so if we want to go out for a meal or someone invites us to Melbourne for a week, we can do it without worry.’

Grant is upfront about how he’s got to this point. ‘In the first couple of years when you’re buying equipment, learning to maintain it and building the business up, you’re just getting started. After that, well you just follow the system and keep going. There’s no magic in it, it’s the old equation – effort equals reward. Be dedicated to your work and committed to your clients and good things will happen.

‘V.I.P. is a great franchise to be in. There’s a lot of help and support, and we all look out for each other. And it goes on getting better. I’m 65 this year and I was thinking of hanging up my weedeater, but it’s an extremely exciting time with lots of new things going on at V.I.P. over the next few months, so no – I’m staying!’

Variety of options

John and Estelle Logan are the National Franchisors for V.I.P. and say that Grant’s initial reaction of ‘I don’t believe these figures’ is not an unusual one for potential franchisees. ‘As Grant says, it takes time to build your business up, but if you put the effort in then this franchise really does deliver,’ says John. ‘There are many of our franchisees earning as much as – and even more than – Grant.

‘That applies both to our indoor (home & office cleaning) and outdoor (lawnmowing & gardening) opportunities. We have work available for new people all across the country right now – what we need is more people who are looking to be “rewarded for their efforts,” as Grant says.’


Estelle outlines the first opportunity. ‘We’re on the hunt for local people with a keen interest in all aspects of home care and cleaning, both residential and commercial.

‘Do you want to be working in your community, out of the office in an ever-changing workplace? Perhaps you love to be organised, clean and have an eye for detail? Do you love cleaning, ironing, window washing? Are you experienced as a cleaner, housekeeper, home carer, maid or au-pair?

‘Even if you have no experience but a passion to learn, we can still help you, whether you’re looking for an entry-level business opportunity or a management role where you can run your own crew with multiple teams. That applies to both indoor and outdoor franchises.’


As Grant has explained, V.I.P’s outdoors franchises offer many of the same advantages. ‘If you’re eager to get out into the sunshine and are interested in landscaping, lawnmowing, groundskeeping, pruning, maintenance, hedge trimming and more, we would love to hear from you,’ says Estelle.

‘Whether tending someone’s small backyard, mowing acres of lawns, washing houses or being a general groundskeeper, your workplace is ever changing.’

Freedom and protection

Estelle points out that, ‘Franchise ownership gives you the freedom of owning your own business and having your own contracts but with the protection and support of the multiple award-winning V.I.P. franchise family. This isn’t just a self-employed job – it’s a career which fits around flexible hours of your choosing.

‘We provide full training to help you carry out your work efficiently to professional standards, and to set up and manage your own business. There’s a paid training period as you learn the skills you’ll need, then ongoing support to help you grow.

‘V.I.P. has franchise opportunities available for sale in your area right now. There is a varied range of investment options, so don’t be like Grant and wait 10 years – contact us and find out for yourself.’

Grant smiles: ‘And if you still don’t believe it, give me a call and I’ll tell you myself!’

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