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by V.I.P. Home Services

last updated 23/06/2019

V.I.P. Home Services

by V.I.P. Home Services

last updated 23/06/2019

V.I.P. Home Services offers growth opportunities all over New Zealand

Ziggy Bru built his V.I.P. Home Services franchise from the ground up in just one year

Ziggy Bruu has built his V.I.P. Home Services franchise from the ground up in just one year. Having moved to a new town with one suitcase and no clients, he now services over 40 gardens on a regular basis.

‘As an in-flight service manager with Air New Zealand for 15 years, long-haul flights were really taking it out of me,’ he says. ‘I wanted more structure in my life and more time to spend with my son, so when I saw V.I.P. were looking for a franchisee in Warkworth I decided to investigate.’

The move enabled Ziggy to get out of the city while still being close to his young son in Auckland. Warkworth had a few clients who were serviced by V.I.P’s Mangawhai franchisee, but with development in the last few years the town had been identified as a key growth area.

Ziggy admits he didn’t know much about franchising, but through V.I.P. he has learned the value of an established, well-regarded franchise system. ‘The fees cover invaluable training, tools, communications and systems. It’s not just about mowing lawns – V.I.P. taught me how to run my own business and interact with people in this specific environment. It means you don’t have to repeat mistakes other people have already made.’

resources that really work

Ziggy has found it easier to grow his business thanks to the ongoing support from the franchise. ‘A big part of it is digital marketing. V.I.P. have the experience and put resources into areas that really work. I would say 70 percent of my customer base has come from their leads or local promotion at the very start, and the other 30 percent has been word-of-mouth. Even in an area which hasn’t previously had a local franchisee, the brand name means something.’

One year later, Ziggy is now focusing on consolidating his area while continuing to grow his business. ‘It’s been a learning process, but I’ve established a good routine, learned to quote jobs cost-effectively and increase my efficiency. I love the fact that I’ve gone from a big corporate with 10,000-plus employees to a network of franchisees where everyone is approachable and we all know and support each other.

‘Best of all, I’ve achieved what I was looking for in becoming self-employed – I choose my own hours and get to enjoy watching both my son and my business grow. These days, every weekend is a boys’ weekend.’

unlimited potential

Two years further into their journey with V.I.P. Home Services, multi-franchisees Geoff and Di Price demonstrate how the franchise system is designed to work for you without limiting your potential.

‘We’ve been self-employed for 25 years and had previously owned a different franchise in the commercial sector,’ Geoff says. ‘We enjoyed the work but felt our growth was being stunted – to keep expanding, we would have had to relocate.’ Wanting to move up without moving out, they sold their original franchise and joined V.I.P. instead. ‘We chose V.I.P. Home Services because they provide the ability to grow your own business without the restrictions. John and Estelle Logan, the National Franchisors, really know their stuff and it’s been great to hear different perspectives outside our own experience.’

Having built a thriving cleaning business in Mount Manganui North, Geoff and Di went on the expansion trail, buying two more V.I.P. franchises in Matua and, more recently, Bethlehem. ‘I like to get involved in everything so I’ll work with Di during the day on residential cleans, then go and help our night crew with commercial work. We have a great team of seven staff which allows the business to go on growing – it can operate more hours in the day without being limited by the time we can put in personally. As we acquire new clients, we can either sell them to new franchisees or put in managers who could be looking to invest in their own business one day.

‘We are both in our 60s, so part of our vision for the future is to create residual income for our retirement. We like a business we can work on rather than in. We’re entrepreneurial and like to be challenged: V.I.P. gives us all that, as well as a more relaxed lifestyle.’

paid training, support and flexibility

Estelle Logan says V.I.P. Home Services has opportunities in both the indoor and outdoor sectors right across the country. ‘We can help you get into your own business with the flexibility to grow to a size that suits your goals. There’s even a paid training period as you learn the skills you’ll need.’

And experienced franchisee Geoff Price points out another advantage. ‘Lots of small businesses don’t last the first year, but V.I.P. has a great system of data collection and tracking to help you see any issues and get support before anything gets too big. It’s ideal for everyone from first-time business owners right through to people like us.’

Estelle says, ‘Whether you’re looking to build a cleaning or lawns and garden empire, or just want more time with the ones you love, we have opportunities available right now. Call me to find out more about a business that can grow with you.’   

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