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by Kitset Assembly Services

last updated 23/06/2019

Kitset Assembly Services

by Kitset Assembly Services

last updated 23/06/2019

Kitset Assembly Services gives franchisees the tools they need to build a high-demand business

Kitset Assembly Services. We have demand for many more franchisees.

It’s a well-known fact that a weekend of assembling flatpack furniture is enough to bring even the strongest of couples to the brink of divorce. ‘This might be a slight exaggeration,’ laughs William Flew, ‘but many arguments have been avoided by having our phone number!’

William is Managing Director of Kitset Assembly Services, a company that not only recognises the challenges posed by flatpack furniture but provides the solution. ‘Our company was born out of the recognition that people were actually reluctant to purchase flatpack furniture and other self-assembly items because so many manuals are seemingly written in gibberish. A lot of people simply want to take the display models from stores to save themselves the hassle. It was clear there was a gap in the market, and it was difficult for a retailer to provide a dependable assembly service – until Kitset Assembly Services arrived on the scene.’

Is there really a market for the service? ‘Definitely – we already have 20 franchisees in New Zealand with thousands of customers and, having expanded over the Tasman, almost 100 across Australasia. We continue to put immense effort into building relationships with many of New Zealand’s biggest retailers to provide a seamless service to their customers, and it’s been a great success. We install everything from indoor and outdoor furniture to barbecues, office furniture, fitness equipment, flatpack kitchens and garden sheds – we do a lot of those. Our franchisees in their distinctive green vans can generally assemble any flatpack item within three to four days of purchase, on-site and hassle-free,’ William says.

While franchisees focus on helping their customers, the franchisor helps the franchisees. ‘In addition to the initial four-weeks comprehensive training period in Auckland, franchisees receive extensive manuals, six-weekly business reviews covering goal setting, guidance and mentoring, a Customer Experience team to handle enquiries (including quoting), and all-encompassing support,’ says William. ‘You’re home-based with low operating costs, and you have an exclusive marketing territory with fixed franchise fees. That enables you to confidently grow your business in any direction you choose to take it.’

easy start-up

Wellington-based Jonny Mai joined the franchise 18 months ago and has not looked back since. ‘I’ve always been very self-motivated and employment can become frustrating at times. I had spent ten years in sales for a company supplying major NZ retailers. I wasn’t actually looking for a business, but when I came across Kitset, I had a “lightbulb” moment and started doing serious research into the market and the franchise.’

With an accountant wife, Jonny had the advantage of professional advice at home and is adamant about the need to get a good accountant and lawyer to examine any opportunity in detail. ‘Another important way to learn about the business was talking to the other franchisees – they all gave me positive feedback and really good practical advice.

‘What I immediately liked about Kitset Assembly Services was that the model meant a very easy start-up. Looking back on the last 18 months, I don’t think I would have made it on my own. Kitset made it very easy as so much of it was turn-key: there was a great four-week course with a mixture of practical and theory – book work, computer systems, customer service and accounting – and I spent a lot of time with a well-established franchisee for real hands-on learning stuff. The franchisor also had me making crucial contacts with the big retail names that they have partnerships with, which is where I’ve focused – it gave me a great start into my own business.

‘Like any business it takes graft and grit to get it going, but it’s very rewarding, both in terms of income and variety. One day I’ll be installing a high-end kitchen, and the next a basic garden shed or trampoline. I was always pretty handy but I’ve needed to up-skill myself to cope, and meeting that challenge has been part of the pleasure for me. Really, I couldn’t speak highly enough of the effort that William and the whole team at Kitset’s Franchise HQ have put in. They are as proactive as they are family-orientated, and are always available for advice.’

great earning potential

‘It’s been a pretty awesome ride so far,’ says Jonny. ‘What has really opened my eyes is just how far the simplest customer service can take you. A lot of people have been surprised that I’ve turned up punctually, as I said I would, and it’s incredible what a difference that makes. Not only are they impressed – they’ll remember you, ask you to do other jobs as well and tell their friends.’

William says, ‘With a growing population and new houses going up weekly, we have demand for many more franchisees in exclusive territories right throughout the country. The investment is from around $42,000 +gst, and offers great earning potential. There is no shortage of work, so if you are handy, enjoy meeting people and are dedicated to good customer service like Jonny, contact our franchise team.’  

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