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last updated 01/04/2019

Pukeko Rental Managers

by Pukeko Rental Managers

last updated 01/04/2019

Growing demand for rentals increases opportunities for Pukeko Rental Managers franchisees

Vicky Harris, Pukeko Rental Managers: 'I've built a great business and am making a very good living'

What do you really need as a good property manager?’ asks Vicky Harris of Pukeko Rental Managers. ‘A good bullshit meter – simple as that! When you meet people, you must be able to assess if what they are telling you is actually accurate. If you can do that, and then treat both landlords and tenants fairly, you can be very successful as a Pukeko franchisee. Despite not having worked in property before joining the franchise in 2010, I’ve built a great business here in Hawkes Bay.’

A chance encounter with Pukeko’s founder, David Pearse, led Vicky to become the first franchisee in the group, and she’s never looked back. Now there are 21 franchisees around the country, and the growing need for rentals – not to mention increasing regulation around the sector – means that good property managers are in demand. Vicky is one of the best, having been named Pukeko Rental Managers’ Property Manager of the Year for 2018.

Pukeko Rental Managers guarantee home owners a minimum of 50 weeks’ rental income a year. ‘If a property stands empty for more than 15 days, it means I would pay the rent until I find a tenant – but in 7 years I’ve never once had to honour that guarantee,’ Vicky smiles. ‘It’s our job to find tenants and get references and credit checks, then look after every aspect of the property for the owner thereafter. It may seem routine work but every day is as different as the people you deal with. We inspect inside every 3 months – often required by their insurance companies – keep up-to-date with all the maintenance and, above all, help make sure owners are getting the return they expect on their investments. After all, as an investor you normally have a mortgage to pay, and failure to have your property let for a period can be a major hole in your plans.’

unique advantages

With long experience in real estate management, David Pearse created Pukeko Rental Managers to offer unique advantages. ‘Traditional property management is office-based and has multi-tier management structures,’ David explains. ‘The result is a high level of overheads, which means that, in order to pay for them, each property manager needs to look after an increasing number of properties. But the Pukeko business model reduces the overheads and allows them to offer a personal service to all their clients while still being competitively priced – and enjoying an excellent income.’

Vicky confirms that. ‘Pukeko’s simple formula has ensured I’m making a very good living. Franchisees are capped at 100 properties so we have time to service all our clients properly. My portfolio fluctuates around 95, and if I get more then I can on-sell clients to other franchisees. It also means that new franchisees can sometimes buy a portfolio of properties to get them started quickly.’

profitable business

Pukeko Rental Managers is looking for franchisees around the country who share the same values upon which the business has been built. ‘The investment required can be as low as $18,500 +gst, and there are very low overheads – basically a home office and a car,’ says David. ‘Earnings will vary according to area, client numbers and the effort you are willing to put in.’

Vicky says, ‘As a personality fit, Pukeko is made for me. You need to be self-motivated, you need to be well-organised and you need to be really hot on the details. Good, honest, clear communication skills, tact, and the ability to negotiate with people from all walks of life are the other qualities required, and if you have good computer skills the system makes it very easy to keep track of the entire portfolio and build a successful and profitable business.

‘Finally, one of the best things about the group is the support available. David has vast experience in business, and he’s always available with problem-solving skills, so give him a ring if you’re interested in joining Pukeko. I love this business!’  

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