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last updated 25/09/2018

New FANZ Chairman knows franchising inside-out

last updated 25/09/2018

6 September 2018 – The Franchise Association’s new chairman has 20 years’ experience of all sorts of different franchise systems

New FANZ Chairman Callum Floyd with Vice Chairman Deirdre Watson

Dr Callum Floyd has been elected as the new Chairman of the Franchise Association of New Zealand (FANZ) to succeed Brad Jacobs, who stepped down yesterday after three years in the role. Callum brings a wealth of knowledge of different franchise systems to the role; not only is he one of New Zealand’s most experienced franchise consultants, but he was also the first New Zealander to earn a PhD in franchising.

Callum says, ‘I have been very pleased to serve on the board of the Franchise Association of New Zealand (FANZ) for the last six years, the last three of which have been as Vice Chairperson. Today, I was very happy to be nominated and elected to current Chairman by my board peers.

‘Franchising makes a considerable contribution to the New Zealand economy – with more than 600 franchising brands and 37,000 franchise units generating more than $27 billion in turnover. Franchising is also an employer of more than 120,000 staff, many of whom are full-time.

‘Ever since my first involvement in franchising more than 20 years ago, I have continued to be impressed by the objectives, operating standards and requirements of FANZ (and FANZ members), as well as the important education and mentoring aspects provided to active Association members.

‘FANZ provides such powerful support to franchising in this country. Every member of the Franchise Association has made a significant decision by joining; they are committed to a Code of Practice and Code of Ethics that is meaningful and substantial. They are also committed to best practice franchising.

‘I feel honoured to continue working with the board and the excellent management team led by Robyn Pickerill, our CEO.

‘Former chairman Brad Jacobs has left big shoes to fill. Over the past three years he, Robyn and the Board have revitalised FANZ, engaged with the members on a national and local basis, and helped develop the understanding of franchising at a legislative and Parliamentary level. I look forward to helping continue this work.’

The new Vice Chairman is Deirdre Watson, a barrister specialising in franchising. The full Board is:

- Sarah Archibald – Business Franchise Group
- Nathan Bonney – Iridium Partners
- David Dovey – Exceed Maintenance
- Callum Floyd – Franchize Consultants
- Brad Jacobs – The Coffee Club
- James Phillips – ASB Bank
- Deirdre Watson ­– Barrister

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