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by Cambridge Homes

last updated 01/10/2018

Cambridge Homes

by Cambridge Homes

last updated 01/10/2018

Salesman and entrepreneur loves his Cambridge Homes business

I can say without a shadow of doubt that Cambridge Homes has more than exceeded my expectations,’ says Mike Lough. ‘The rewards are fantastic and, as a big bonus, it’s the most fun business on a daily basis I’ve ever owned!’ 

Mike describes himself as a salesperson and an entrepreneur. ‘I’ve built companies, bought and sold businesses and increased their value. The most recent was focused on digital strategy and building websites, but as the value of website construction was dropping rapidly, I decided to take my skill-set into property. I have a passion for homes so I did my research and carried out due diligence on 18 different building companies. 

‘Why did I choose this one? Well, I’m a businessman, not a builder, and I could see Cambridge Homes was vastly superior in the level of support they provided to their franchisees. Franchisors Peter and Tim Santner had very appealing track records on their CVs, which made it feel like a really good fit for me. After three years, I still believe that. Their support has not wavered – they are in the trenches with us, helping solve our problems from sales to pricing to delivery, which is really advantageous when you are starting out. Cambridge Homes has a fantastic range of designs, together with excellent national agreements with all our suppliers, and the combination makes us very competitive in the market.’ 

transferable skills

Mike believes his skills have transferred from the digital to the property market really well. ‘Fundamentally, if you hire really good builders and project managers to handle the structure and schedule, then it leaves you free to handle running the sales and business side. Having a good team on board will get everything achieved on time and budget, which is the Cambridge Homes way. 

‘I initially underestimated the emotional commitment of customers putting their life and soul into the major investment of their lives, but helping them solve the problems and fulfil their dreams is something I really enjoy. In fact, I love the people side as much as the construction – helping people build a great home and an asset they will love and cherish is very rewarding. 

‘The franchise has delivered a fantastic lifestyle, but don’t expect that from day one: it takes hard work to get things rock and rolling, and that’s where you need resilience, patience and optimism. You also need to understand your local property market and forge strong relationships with developers and real estate agents.’ 

wanted: drive and motivation

Founded in Waikato, Cambridge Homes has been winning Registered Master Builders awards for over a decade. The franchise now extends to Bay of Plenty, Taupo, Hawkes Bay, Wellington and Auckland, leaving some key markets around the country that are waiting to be filled by people with the right skills. Mike bought his Auckland franchise with his wife, Sarah. ‘Sarah is now occupied full-time with our first daughter while I’m continuing to build our brand presence,’ Mike says. ‘I’m convinced Cambridge Homes will make the Deloitte’s Fast 50 one day soon.’ 

Director Tim Santner says that Cambridge Homes needs more franchisees to meet the demand for good new homes nationwide. ‘As Mike has proved, you don’t need to be a builder but you do have to have the managerial and sales skills necessary to live up to the Cambridge Homes client philosophy: Every Step of the Way. 

‘Quality is never sacrificed,’ says Peter Santner, ‘and that doesn’t just mean the materials. As a team and group we specialise in building magnificent homes, and actively encourage our clients to be individual. 

‘We are looking for people like Mike who have the drive and motivation to build a top-notch business with a company dedicated to superb service. If you have the right combination of management, sales and people skills, call us and find out more about Cambridge Homes. We’ll be with you – every step of the way.’   

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