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last updated 30/03/2015

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PRIDE in every cup

by The Coffee Guy

last updated 30/03/2015

Christine Wright loves every minute of every day as The Coffee Guy

After a long weekend overseas, not everyone looks forward to getting back to work – but Christine Wright is different. ‘I couldn’t wait! It’s all still so new and exciting to me, and I just love it,’ she says with obvious sincerity. ‘I’ve only been a franchisee with The Coffee Guy for 13 weeks, but I enjoy every minute of every day.’

Following 14 years in an administration job, Christine moved to New Plymouth with the intention of retraining in her original profession of nursing. ‘After nine months I realised I didn’t want to nurse again, so I thought about hospitality instead. I got a job at a prestigious hotel as conference and breakfast supervisor and quickly realised people in that industry work very hard, but it was great experience and I enjoyed it. Then one day I noticed The Coffee Guy van nearby and discovered that it was a franchise and that it was for sale.’

‘I knew nothing about franchises, except that New Zealand has a lot of them,’ Christine laughs. ‘So I read up a bit and the more I learned about The Coffee Guy, the more I liked it. Then I went and introduced myself to the owner of the van, Justine Rump, and found she had both The Coffee Guy van and a kiosk in the area. Within nine weeks, I was a franchisee myself!’

Christine had not been self-employed before, ‘But I looked at the van and visualised myself in it, then I thought I could learn to make coffee really well, and I know I love dealing with people, so I put all that together and realised: “Oh, I can be my own boss, too!”’

Still Room For Growth

‘I had excellent barista and business training with The Coffee Guy, and then worked with Justine for two weeks and we covered all the details of life on the road – even down to a flat battery on the van,’ grins Christine. ‘The franchise makes everything easy. I don’t have to source coffee or cups or sugar, as they’re all part of the package, and I can’t speak highly enough of the support and training I’ve been given.’

The franchise Christine bought has been built and nurtured for seven years but it still has room to grow. ‘It’s already serving 80-100 coffees a day, and the challenge for me is to build that up even further while maintaining the standards that The Coffee Guy regulars are used to. The great thing about being mobile is that you can go out and find new customers so I’ve been putting in a few extra hours in the week and have set myself a target of over 110 coffees a day.’

And with Justine continuing to run The Coffee Guy kiosk in New Plymouth, having two outlets in the city is a real advantage. ‘It means people say, “Oh there’s The Coffee Guy, we know we can get a really good coffee there.” It’s an incentive to me to make the best possible coffee every time.’

All The Advantages

The Coffee Guy franchise was created in New Zealand and has been a familiar and much welcomed part of life for Kiwis for many years. Franchisees serve high-quality espresso, other hot beverages and snacks at road-side locations, direct to workplaces and at events. They enjoy the security of being supported by Retail Food Group – one of Australasia’s most experienced franchisors.

‘There are big advantages to owning a franchise with The Coffee Guy,’ says franchise sales manager David Bernard. ‘First, it is a surprisingly affordable starting point for those wanting to get into the hospitality industry. Second, the business allows you to start and finish early and make time for other activities. Third, as Christine has proven, no experience is needed – we offer full training and ongoing support to all our franchisees, and total set-up support. Finally, we’re a stand-out and trusted brand, so our franchisees find themselves greeted with big smiles every day.’

Cream On Top

‘The Coffee Guy already has over 50 franchisees taking advantage of our package,’ David says. ‘Unlike many franchises, they pay only a flat fee on an ongoing basis, not a percentage of takings. This means that if they choose to do additional hours, or sports or special events at weekends, each coffee served is “cream on top” for their earnings.’

Christine is taking full advantage and starting to see real returns from her business. ‘The number of special events has been more than I expected with the calendar pretty full most weekends. At present I have Olivia and Jackson, my two grown-up children, helping me at weekends and they think Mum’s new business is really cool. 

‘If you are hard-working and love people, this is a wonderful business. I think you need to be passionate about coffee too. Make each coffee like you’re making it for someone you love and you’ll do well.’    

This advertorial is taken from Franchise New Zealand magazine Year 23 Issue 4

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