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by The Coffee Guy

last updated 21/11/2014

The Coffee Guy

by The Coffee Guy

last updated 21/11/2014

Double franchisees find The Coffee Guy’s success makes new home possible

Back in 2012, Andrea Gyde was featured in these pages as a new, successful-and-loving-it franchisee with The Coffee Guy. ‘I still am,’ she laughs. ‘In fact, it’s been so successful that we’ve been obliged to make some changes as a family.’

Andrea had felt trapped as an ‘office girl’ for nine years before she and partner Ian Herring realised the potential that The Coffee Guy franchise offered. Andrea jumped in first, buying an existing business in the Auckland suburb of Takapuna, and Ian was soon so impressed with the money she was making he promptly bought a franchise too. ‘Ian was lucky enough to get an area much closer to home than I did, and we realised that the extra travelling was cutting into my profits and time. I loved my business, which is fantastic, so we decided on a simple solution – up sticks and move to Albany. Now Ian has a two minute drive in the morning and I have ten... I can live with that, and it’s made things better than ever for both of us.’

The franchise might have been the reason for their move, but it’s also what made it possible. ‘Without The Coffee Guy, we could never have made such a big financial move into our new home,’ Andrea smiles. ‘We are never short of opportunities: on top of our regular runs to offices and workplaces, the company offers the chance to attend so many big weekend events it is sometimes hard to choose. Those are the cream on the top, really – because The Coffee Guy only charges us a flat fee rather than a percentage, the more we sell the more we earn.’

Andrea believes that for success you must strive to make a really good coffee every time. ‘We are always looking to improve,’ she says, ‘and we’ve had regular coffee training in the franchise to help us stay on top of our game.’ Auckland Council obviously thinks Andrea makes a good coffee too. ‘They’ve recently asked me to take a pitch at the Bayswater Marina, where up to 500 ferry passengers cross to the CBD each morning. I think it’ll be exciting!’

‘Andrea and Ian’s experience shows that The Coffee Guy model can really deliver results for franchisees, whether they have hospitality experience or not,’ says David Bernard, the company’s franchise sales manager. ‘And it also has the bonus of being run by Retail Food Group (RFG) - one of Australasia’s most experienced franchisors. Our team of local experts helps franchisees every step of the way, so if you want an affordable business with first-class support in a growing market, give me a call.’

This advertorial is taken from Franchise New Zealand magazine Volume 23 Issue 2

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