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by The Coffee Guy

last updated 21/11/2014

The Coffee Guy
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by The Coffee Guy

last updated 21/11/2014

The Coffee Guy is NZ’s portable coffee favourite. Now it has new opportunities and more resources

The Coffee Guy is one of New Zealand’s best-known coffee brands ­– and it’s about to become better-known still. With over 50 mobile espresso units taking The Coffee Guy to workplaces, commuter spots and events around the country, the familiar moustachioed face under the fedora hat is appearing in fixed locations, too. The first ‘hole-in-the-wall’ espresso bar has already opened in Auckland’s CBD, while a drive-thru kiosk on the city’s Tamaki Drive is making life easy for commuters in need of their early-morning caffeine fix.

In addition to coffee, customers at the new sites can choose from a selection of teas, hot chocolate, Charlie’s juices and waters, as well as a range of pastries, croissants, and sweet or savoury treats. ‘We know from our mobile experience around the country that coffee is always popular on high density traffic routes and the new kiosks give franchisees the ability to better meet that demand,’ says Richard Karam, the founder of The Coffee Guy. ‘The same applies to areas of high foot traffic, which is why we created the hole-in-the-wall espresso bar.

‘Over the next 24 months, we’re planning around 20 more espresso bars and drive-thrus,’ says Richard. ‘We’ve already got several sites in the pipeline for both types and expect to have those confirmed soon. And of course, we’re continuing to add more mobile units, too.’

Opportunities For All

The Coffee Guy vans offer an excellent starting point for those wanting to get into the ever-expanding coffee business at an affordable price. ‘The total investment required is $89,950 +gst, and we have a range of finance options available for the right people to make it easy for them to get up and running,’ says Richard. 

‘We provide full training so franchisees can be confident of both their coffee-making skills and their ability to manage their businesses, with full support given during set-up to help them establish their regular customer base and plan their growth. After that, there’s a full range of ongoing support including help to find sites at events in your territory such as concerts, sports events, farmers’ markets, school galas and festivals. It’s a great way of extending your business and getting more return on your investment.’

Drive-thrus and espresso bars are another way to enter The Coffee Guy business, with investment starting from around $140,000, although different locations may vary. ‘At our recent seminars around the country, existing franchisees were very excited about the potential of the hole-in-the-wall and drive-thru locations,’ Richard says. ‘For them, it’s an opportunity to grow their businesses, perhaps involve other family members and create an additional revenue stream within the system they know and trust. If anyone knows the value of The Coffee Guy brand, it’s the men and women who have built it over the past six years.’

New Owners, New Resources, Same Valuable Brand

Someone else who knows the value of the brand is Retail Food Group (RFG), the publicly-listed company which purchased The Coffee Guy in November 2012. RFG is already an experienced franchisor, operating Brumby’s Bakery, bb’s Café, Donut King, Michel’s Patisserie, Pizza Capers Gourmet Kitchen and Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar. Two years ago, RFG also bought Esquires Coffee Houses and Evolution Coffee Roasters in New Zealand. Altogether, RFG has a combined total of more than 1,400 outlets across seven countries, including New Zealand and Australia.

‘The Coffee Guy has become a sizeable business and RFG will bring a whole new raft of resources to the franchise,’ says Richard Karam. ‘In addition to their massive operational expertise and buying power, they also have the people and capital to make growth faster and easier than we could have managed on our own.’

Richard says the move has been welcomed by existing franchisees at the seminars. ‘They were also happy that I would be staying on, with part of my role being to lead international expansion. RFG has already taken Esquires Coffee Houses to Australia and they recognise that The Coffee Guy is a very transportable brand.’

An Affordable Business

A survey by market research specialists ACNeilsen shows that portable coffee is the fastest-growing sector of the coffee industry in New Zealand, which means The Coffee Guy’s new opportunities are launching at the right time. ‘New formats, new ownership, new resources –­ it’s a great time for new franchisees to come on board,’ says Richard.

‘The Coffee Guy is the biggest portable coffee brand in the country and offers more opportunities than ever. We’ve already helped over 50 people launch their own coffee businesses in a very affordable way. Is it your turn next? Call me and find out more.’

This advertorial is taken from Franchise New Zealand magazine Volume 21 Issue 4

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