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last updated 17/09/2019

The Coffee Guy
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by The Coffee Guy

last updated 17/09/2019

The Coffee Guy is such an ideal starter business, this couple bought two

Andrea Gyde was feeling a little trapped in a small town with few options for advancement. ‘I’d been the “office girl” in the same place for nine years and I wanted something different,’ she says. ‘Ironically I was searching for something for my partner, Ian, when I saw The Coffee Guy. I thought it looked really exciting – so I grabbed it for myself!’

Despite her enthusiasm, Andrea was also cautious. ‘I knew I shouldn’t just jump into something I knew nothing about. The Coffee Guy is a well-recognised brand, and that made me feel safe, but I also spoke to my bank, who were happy, and an accountant who advised me on making a sound business investment.’

Andrea purchased a business with The Coffee Guy in Takapuna which had been trading for 18 months. ‘Because it was an existing round I spent two weeks learning coffee skills at HQ and two weeks with the vendor meeting the customers and then, just as the company promises, I made money from the very first coffee I sold. And I was determined to succeed – each day I decided that, no matter what, I wasn’t coming home until I’d sold all my coffees.’

Eight months on, Andrea is delighted with the way her business has grown. ‘I’ve taken it a bit more seriously than the previous owner, I think,’ she explains. ‘I service a very concentrated area, which is great – I only drive about 6km from first to last stop – and weekends and special events are a real treat. Last Sunday I was parked practically on Takapuna beach just as the sun was coming up. I thought, “How on earth can I be in such a place and call it work?” I really love this business.’

Such has been the success of Andrea’s round that, after helping her on a few events, her partner Ian Herring decided to grab a piece of the action too – he bought The Coffee Guy for nearby Albany North in February. ‘It’s a bit of a nuisance because it means he’s not free to help me now,’ jokes Andrea. ‘But now my teenage son and daughter are getting into it so maybe we’ll add another van for them soon!’

The Coffee Guy has fully-equipped mobile espresso vans available for just $89,950, including the franchise fee, with financial packages available for qualified purchasers. ‘What’s more,’ says franchisor Richard Karam, ‘we only charge a flat fee, not a percentage so the more you sell, the more you keep. Contact us to find out more – we have opportunities available all over the country.’

This advertorial is taken from Franchise New Zealand magazine Volume 21 Issue 1 

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