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by Portermark,
last updated 05/07/2018

Portermark wants master licensees to develop its essential hospitality service throughout NZ

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Robyne Bransdon

Robyne Bransdon

When you have a service that’s essential for every pub, hotel and restaurant in New Zealand, you have a massive market opportunity. But how do you deliver such service efficiently throughout the country? By appointing franchisees, of course. And how do you help them grow fast and do a good job? By appointing local master licensees.

It’s a combination that means opportunities not just for franchisees to earn a very good income, but for experienced business builders to create sizeable networks of their own. Portermark is looking for master licensees in each of the North and South Islands who will appoint, train and provide marketing and operational support for up to 25 service franchisees with the assistance of the franchisor.

Portermark is an innovative service that specialises in doing one thing exceptionally well – cleaning beer lines. ‘A draught beer has to look good, taste even better, be a safe product for consumers and, from the bartender’s perspective, be easy to pour,’ says Portermark founder Jeff Rankin. ‘Unfortunately, beer lines are easily infected with bacteria and candida from yeast; protein compounds lead to oxidation; and you get mineral deposits and scaling, too.

‘The result not only spoils the taste but can be dangerous – in Australia, not one establishment our franchisees have tested has passed food-grade hygiene and safety standards, despite having line-cleaning systems in place. There are safety issues, too, for hospitality employees cleaning lines without appropriate training or clothing. As workplace and hygiene standards go on getting stricter, Portermark franchisees are in a position to clean up – and interested Kiwis can currently get the market of their choice.’

sceptic turned fan

One person who’s glad she took up the opportunity in Australia is Robyne Bransdon, a former postie and cleaner who bought her Portermark franchise in May 2017. Robyne and husband Mick are keen home brewers so are aware of the importance of clean lines, as well as the likelihood of tighter hygiene regulations in the near future.

Robyne admits she was a bit sceptical about franchising, ‘but when I saw Portermark advertised I realised it had my name all over it. It got me thinking, “What am I worrying about when many of the world’s top brands are franchises?” I’m glad I came to my senses before it cost me the self-employment opportunity of a lifetime.’

Robyne met Jeff and ‘gave him a hard time, questioning everything,’ she grins. ‘Our lawyer, also a bit of a franchise sceptic, quickly came round, impressed with the thoroughness and transparency of the Portermark approach. ‘Meanwhile, our accountant went through the financials with a fine-tooth comb. I contacted a number of Portermark franchisees for their feedback and talked with friends in hospo. Everyone and everything said, “Do it!”’

putting in the hours

After going through the intensive Portermark training programme, Jeff helped Robyne launch her business – something which the master franchisees will also do in New Zealand. ‘Over our presentations to potential clients, I developed my sales skills, learning what to say, how to overcome objections and even how to read body language. Since launching in May last year, I’ve been steadily winning clients, with every one being a source of ongoing business.’

Robyne says that although some old-school publicans are resistant at first, switched-on bar managers readily welcome the advantages Portermark offers, with a money back service guarantee, a big reduction in beer wastage, a three-weekly proper cleaning cycle rather than an inefficient weekly hassle, and an increase in happy, satisfied customers all adding to the bottom line. These benefits are supported by glowing testimonials from big names such as the Novotel Hotel Group, while brewers are also recommending Portermark cleaning to deliver their product to customers in the best condition.

city life or country living?

Robyne and Mick live on the Central New South Wales Coast. ‘It’s a beautiful part of Australia where we love fishing and camping, and of course home brewing. My Portermark territory is about a three and a half hour drive from north to south, with no cities, but as client numbers grow the regular sales and service trips become more efficient and more profitable.’

Jeff Rankin believes Robyne’s experience is significant for New Zealand, as it demonstrates territories do not need large population centres to be successful. ‘Central Otago alone has enough people for a franchise to achieve a very solid income working just 15 hours a week servicing 15 customers 17 times per year. That’s equally achievable on the West Coast, the Far North, Central Plateau … the list goes on and on.

‘Then there’s Auckland and other major centres where a territory need only cover a few square kilometres – there’s massive potential for franchisees.’ The master licence investment is $325,000 +gst for the North Island and $275,000 +gst for the South, which Jeff says can be quickly recouped through royalties on franchisee sales and ongoing turnover.

Robyne concludes, ‘I hope my experience inspires New Zealanders with a taste for good beer, an eye for a unique niche market and a passion for success to call Jeff. Portermark is a great business.’

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