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by Domino's,
last updated 26/06/2018

New Domino's franchisee abandons the traffic and reaps the rewards of life in the provinces

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Neeraj & Pallavi Vishwakarma

Neeraj & Pallavi Vishwakarma

Neeraj Vishwakarma

Neeraj Vishwakarma

Having been well-established in Auckland for years, it could have been a bit of a wrench for Neeraj and Pallavi Vishwakarma to move to Wanganui a few months ago to take up a Domino’s franchise. ‘But, as I tell friends, I spent nine years in an Auckland traffic jam and life now is very different,’ Neeraj smiles. ‘It’s early days but I’m very pleased with how everything is going.’

Neeraj and Pallavi worked together in the quick service restaurant industry for five years before buying their own business. ‘When I came to Auckland nine years ago as a student I did a stint with Domino’s before moving on to Pizza Hut and McDonald’s and moving up the ranks. I then had a couple of years with ANZ while also owning a commercial cleaning company which allowed me to save enough to start buying a house in Auckland.’

While banking and cleaning, Neeraj also undertook a great deal of research into the food business and set his heart on owning a Domino’s franchise. ‘The market is growing very fast here, but very few brands are actually growing their market share. The outstanding one is Domino’s: they are at the cutting edge, bringing in new technology and upgrading their operating systems constantly to improve service and profitability.

‘What keeps them number one though, is they pay attention to what customers want. If I were to put my customer hat on, after a while I’d probably stop eating at most places as I would have tried all the products. Domino’s, however, brings in new products all the time. That’s what makes a food business grow – something fresh and new for fans to try.’

better, hotter, faster

Domino’s has a hard-earned reputation for innovation, with GPS driver tracking, delivery robots and drones all having caused a media stir in the last three years. According to Scott Bush, Domino’s General Manager NZ, ‘The world of pizzas is fast-moving and competitive, and we aim to keep it that way. Over the years, we’ve fine-tuned our operating systems and introduced brilliant new technologies to deliver products which are better, hotter and faster, and all our franchisees benefit from that whether they’re in Wellington or Wanganui.’

‘Our systems have been perfected in 2,200 stores across the 7 countries in which Domino’s Pizza Enterprises operates, and we have consistently stayed ahead of the game in everything from high-speed ovens to online ordering. Yes, if you become a franchisee you need to work hard, be a great leader and quick to adapt, but we’ll be behind you every step of the way.’

together, we can do this

Buying any business can be scary, so before making his final decision Neeraj had a long chat with Scott. ‘Most of the nervousness I had went away as a result,’ he says. ‘Scott outlined the potential and plans Domino’s has, told me about all the innovations they are introducing in the next few years, and gave me a great deal of confidence that together we could do it.’

Needless to say, Domino’s has put a great deal of thought and energy into its training, as Neeraj discovered. ‘Despite my experience, this was my first time as a restaurant owner so all the training was valuable and important,’ he says. ‘There’s a six-week solid training period on the floor of the stores learning all there is from ordering stock and managing inventory to marketing and hiring staff. It covers absolutely everything from opening up and starting the day to the closing shift when we make 80% of our sales. In addition, we spend time with the franchise’s field consultants learning all the software and systems. It’s very thorough, and since opening I’ve been very well supported by the local business development manager in my region as well as having the head office team to call upon.

‘If you’re thinking of getting into this industry, I’d definitely recommend Domino’s,’ says Neeraj. ‘Don’t be scared of moving out of the big city, either. There is great potential in the small towns – we are planning to open a second outlet soon – and the quality of life is so much better. Rather than spending time in traffic I have time to devote to my family and our business.’

make the move

Domino’s is still growing and is looking for franchisees in many parts of New Zealand, ‘Particularly in regional centres and fast-growing areas where we have locations available right now,’ says Scott. ‘The investment for new franchisees is from $500,000 depending on location, and the returns can be considerable.

‘As Neeraj and Pallavi have discovered, taking the plunge into a smaller town has its rewards. Costs are lower, it can be easier to find the right staff, and the lifestyle is so much better. They are making the most of it. If you share the same vision and have the drive to make it work, call me now and find out how Domino’s can work for you.’

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