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by Safe Kids in Daily Supervision,
last updated 03/04/2012

SKIDS franchisees supply safe out-of-school care for much-loved little ones

With 16 franchisees operating at 26 locations throughout the greater Auckland area, SKIDS is New Zealand's largest providers of after-school care in the country. Now they are set to grow even bigger as the franchise plans to go nationwide.

SKIDS stands for Safe Kids In Daily Supervision and caters for primary school children. The company offers before and after-school care, holiday programmes and other services to help ensure that the children of working parents are safe and stimulated. All the programmes are CYFS-approved so parents can access WINZ subsidies and are actually based in participating schools so that children are generally in familiar surroundings with their own friends. The result is a business that generates huge loyalty from children and parents alike.

Clare Williams was one such parent. The South African immigrant had two children happy in their local SKIDS programme in Dannemora, in the eastern part of Auckland, when she and her husband discovered the local franchise was for sale. ‘We had looked at franchise opportunities previously and knew that support from the franchisor was a key factor in making franchise businesses successful,' she says. ‘Everything we learned about SKIDS was positive so we consulted an accountant and made up our mind instantly.  It happened so fast I barely had time to think about money! I made the decision to continue working at my other job for a while but it all paid off. Although I felt knackered, I was able to pay off my whole loan in just 16 months,' Clare says candidly.

From Franchisee To Franchisor

The Dannemora franchise had previously belonged to Dawn Englebrecht, who sold it last year to enable her to concentrate on her new role. Along with business partner Bev Parsons, also a SKIDS franchisee, the pair are now franchisors for the whole SKIDS organisation.

‘I loved the SKIDS concept right from the start, and having been franchisees ourselves Bev and I know the business inside out,' says Dawn. ‘Each SKIDS franchise is based on a school site, which makes life easy for everyone - it's good business, too. Some parents sign up for a year but there is no minimum care period so if care is required only for a day, we can handle that too. SKIDS fulfils a real need and it is also a passion for us and our franchisees. We like to achieve a win-win-win situation with happy children, happy parents and happy franchisees.'

With the help of her trained staff, Clare Williams' SKIDS franchise hosts around 70 children a day, offering breakfast and games in the before-school sessions, supervised homework time and planned activities afterwards. Holiday programmes combine trips, crafts, games, cooking, movies and all sort of other events to ensure that children of working parents enjoy the holidays too. Franchisees need no previous experience as all programmes are planned and prepared with the assistance of the franchisor, who also provides support in other areas of business management. ‘I had a staff issue after a few months which was a nightmare for anyone in business for the first time,' recalls Clare. ‘I called on Dawn and she guided me through the whole process. I just couldn't have done that on my own - it proved to me the value of buying into a franchise so that you always have other people to call on for support."

With Dawn and Bev at the helm, SKIDS is now looking to establish SKIDS programmes in primary schools throughout the country. A SKIDS franchise is available from $25,000 +gst and includes a school site leased for five years, full training and assistance with enrolling children, preparing programmes and recruiting and training staff. ‘The strength and support of our franchise means that franchisees don't need to have previous business or teaching experience,' says Dawn. ‘The most important thing is to love children and like having fun.'

This advertorial is taken from Franchise New Zealand magazine Volume 16 Issue 4

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