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by V.I.P. Home Services,
last updated 26/06/2018

V.I.P. Home Services make it easy to get into a business that offers the life you want

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Shane Barber

Shane Barber

Lily Calnan

Lily Calnan

As a young man, Shane Barber liked working in his uncle’s small lawnmowing business. ‘I always thought, maybe I could do this when I retire,’ he recalls. 12 years later and in need of a change in lifestyle, V.I.P. Home Services helped Shane turn that thought into a thriving business of his own.

Shane had a career in the restaurant industry, but a couple of years ago he realised he had to get out for the good of his health. ‘I wanted my own business, which is when I remembered the lawnmowing. I didn’t know how to start from scratch, and didn’t want to, but I had seen V.I.P. around for years – it was clearly a long-running success and a well-recognised brand, which really appealed to me. I talked to V.I.P, who were very approachable, then spent a day in the field with a V.I.P. franchisee. After that, I just knew it was the right move.’

Shane has been enjoying his Tauranga franchise for 17 months now and is loving his new business, which covers not just lawnmowing but all sorts of outdoor garden jobs ensuring year-round demand. ‘I work 50-55 hours a week spread between jobs and the admin that comes with running my own business. That might sound a lot, but I get to enjoy my weekends and flexible hours – and the 40kg I’ve lost as I’ve got fitter is another bonus!

‘I have as much work as I can handle as a solo operator, although the franchise is flexible so I could employ someone if I wanted. There’s a bit of a motto: “no more than you need, no less than you deserve.” V.I.P. won’t give me more work than I can handle, but there’s always more if I want it. 80 percent of my work has come from our national call centre – having that resource, along with all the other support, is invaluable for someone like me who knows what he wants but isn’t sure how to get there. Right from the start, they’ve been there to train me, mentor me and help my business grow.’

He has also found that, as part of the franchise, he has the support of a local network of franchisees. ‘There are five of us that are close – we work together when there’s a bigger one-off job, and help each other out when we can.’

why wait until later?

By not waiting until retirement age, Shane has given himself a head start into what has the potential to be a long, fulfilling career. ‘There is always demand for the quality services that V.I.P. provides,’ says Estelle Logan, the national franchisor for the brand, ‘and we pride ourselves on being a company that both customers and franchisees choose to stay with for a long time.

One such example is Lily Calnan, who has been operating her V.I.P. indoor cleaning franchise since 2011 and has plans for many years to come.

‘I was introduced to V.I.P. by a friend, who was a franchisee herself,’ says Lily. ‘My husband has a demanding career as an engineer and, as a barista with a very young son, I was finding it hard to juggle everything I needed to while working for someone else. V.I.P. gave me an income with flexibility, and now our son is 10 I still appreciate the freedom to arrange my schedule around school hours and holidays.’

Lily works on her own most of the time, forming a team with her friend – also still with V.I.P. – when a bigger contract comes up. ‘I’m happy working the hours that suit me and V.I.P. allows me to do that while maximising my income. One of the things that most appealed to me when I looked into cleaning franchises was that V.I.P. franchisees pay a flat fee, not a percentage of their income, so if I earn more, I don’t pay more.’

long-term opportunity

Perhaps what makes a V.I.P. franchise so attractive long-term is the ongoing development and support. ‘For example, our new digital ordering system for supplies has saved us a lot of time,’ Lily says. ‘Plus, everyone really cares about the franchisees – it’s not just business. When I had health problems, they really worked to get my clients covered for a whole six months while I took some time for my recovery.

‘I don’t think I could go back to working for someone else, and I don’t plan on making any changes until my son finishes high school. Even then, if we move out of Auckland down the line, I want to take V.I.P. with me!’

Estelle says V.I.P Home Services has opportunities in both the indoor and outdoor sectors right across the country. ‘If you’re prepared to work hard and learn, we can help you get into your own business. Our flexible entry programme means you can select the level of income and investment you wish to make, there’s paid training as you learn the skills you’ll need, and we provide first-class support. If you’re looking for change and a long-term opportunity, don’t wait – call us now.’

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