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by enableHR,
last updated 31/07/2018

enableHR makes it easy for franchisors and franchisees to stay compliant with the latest legislation

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Lisa Bell 'For any franchise, large or small, enableHR can provide security and peace of mind'

Lisa Bell 'For any franchise, large or small, enableHR can provide security and peace of mind'

Few things are more frustrating for small businesses than the bureaucracy caused by ever-changing employment legislation. As Lisa Bell, the General Manager of enableHR, says, ‘Even big firms have difficulty keeping up with best practice in this field.’ 

For the last ten years, enableHR has been empowering businesses to meet the challenge with a dynamic software solution which covers all the bases. ‘We’ve developed easy-to-use templates which remove those HR headaches and keep all our clients absolutely up-to-date with the latest changes, too,’ says Lisa. 

enableHR was born in 2006 out of client requirements from Australia’s leading employment law specialists, FCB Group. ‘Lawyers were constantly requiring documentation in order to represent their clients – copies of contracts, communications transcripts, notes of actions, etc – so a computer program was developed to streamline a time-consuming process and make it easy to keep and access the records you need. 

‘When clients realised how good it was, they asked for it to be made available to them, too, and that was the birth of enableHR. Today, we provide a framework to ensure that users can follow best practice in all spheres of employment from recruitment to departure.’ 

cloud-based software for multi-site operations

enableHR offers a people-management solution designed for businesses of all sizes, and the software is scalable and configurable from simple plug-and-play to tailored solutions appropriate for the largest organisation. ‘And because it’s cloud-based, it’s ideal for multi-site businesses such as franchises,’ Lisa points out. 

‘For example, our “Best Practice Toolkit” contains over 200 pre-populated templates, workflows, policy guides and tools for every stage of the employee lifecycle,’ says Lisa. ‘The system is backed in New Zealand by one of the country’s leading specialist law firms to make it easy for franchises to stay compliant with the very latest developments in local employment law. 

‘As history shows, an employment mistake by one franchisee can put an entire franchise into crisis mode. This can have a significant impact on the brand value, quite apart from being potentially very expensive to fix,’ Lisa points out. ‘Not having good systems in place to ensure compliance throughout the network is a risk no franchise can afford to take – especially as the Labour Inspectorate announced earlier this year that they now have franchises on their radar.’ 

workplace safety & performance appraisals

As if employment law weren’t scary enough, franchisors and franchisees also have to cope with increasingly onerous workplace safety legislation. ‘enableHR is the only Human Resources system that is fully integrated with a legally-compliant Health & Safety management system,’ says Lisa. ‘This is a huge bonus for clients, as they are basically getting two systems for one; even better, the two work together to minimise inputs and help ensure compliance in both areas.’ 

Additional benefits include management reporting, which provides an insight into employee and safety activity across the franchise, and a performance appraisal function. ‘This simplifies the performance management process by giving employees the direction, feedback and career development they need, while ensuring a complete record is kept should an employment or safety issue ever arise. 

‘A large range of companies are already using our products throughout New Zealand because they want to do the right thing and protect themselves from the dangers of getting it wrong. Having enableHR behind them has proven highly cost-effective and successful. Where clients have had serious incidents or employment issues, having enableHR systems in place has helped them through and enabled them to follow all the processes needed to resolve the situation quickly and with the minimum of disruption. 

‘We’re keen to assist franchisors to implement best practice solutions quickly and easily,’ says Lisa. ‘Our services are very well-priced for the NZ market and we can offer packages made to fit. 

‘For any franchise, large or small, enableHR can provide security and peace of mind in an increasingly difficult area. Contact us now to find out how we can help you.’   

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