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by The Coffee Guy,
last updated 21/11/2014

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Cheery franchisee finds time for golf and family with The Coffee Guy

Franchisee Tony Potts could hardly be a better advert for The Coffee Guy brand. ‘I loved their coffee so much, I bought the franchise,’ he says with a cheery grin. After a few months of savouring what he calls ‘a really excellent product’ as a customer he was totally hooked, so when his local supplier announced she wanted to sell her Penrose franchise Tony didn’t hesitate.

Tony had been working as a courier for four years, which is how he first came across The Coffee Guy. ‘I bought their coffee virtually every day because it was so good, and I was looking out for something that would give me a bit more of a life because as a courier I wasn’t getting home till after six every day. The more I looked at The Coffee Guy, the better it was. I must admit I’d never made coffee in my life – we just didn’t have a culture of it in the north of England, where I’m from – but the training the franchise gives is really top-notch. From day one in my own business, I was getting compliments on my coffee.

‘Everything about The Coffee Guy brand is top quality. The coffee beans, people, training and systems are all superb and everything is designed to assist you. You have a really good team behind you if ever you need help, and the brand alone has made my cold-calling so simple. In only four months, I’ve increased turnover by around 25% and I’m on track for my target of 110 coffees a day.’

The Coffee Guy franchisor Richard Karam says the company has gone from strength to strength since it started, and now has over 50 franchisees around the country with demand for many more. ‘Our fully-equipped mobile espresso vans are available for just $89,950 including the franchise fee, and we provide a range of financial packages to make them affordable for the right people. As Tony and all our franchisees have discovered, you really do make money from day one.’

‘I’ve got my life back through The Coffee Guy,’ Tony declares. ‘I’m able to get home each day by 2pm, I’ve joined a gym, I’ve got time for my family and we get out on to the golf course, too! The keys are to make good coffee consistently, to be on time and to be cheery and relaxed. Like everything in life, the more you put in the more satisfying – and profitable – it is. The Coffee Guy charges a fee, not a percentage, so when I work weekend events with my wife, Tracey, they provide lots of extra money. I’m making a very reasonable living at this and I’d recommend it to anyone.’ 

This advertorial is taken from Franchise New Zealand magazine Volume  20 Issue 4 

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