Service Provider of the Year Award


Service Provider of the Year Award

In our latest magazine, we look at bouncing back after Covid and talk to franchisors across a range of industries about the future of their sector: what have been the challenges, and where are the opportunities now? There’s also lots of advice to help you be prepared to seize the moment, as well as profiles of new and established franchises. Get your free print copy of the magazine or read a digital copy now. Get your free print copy of the magazine or read a digital copy now. 

There’s more helpful information on this website, from how to choose the right business to finding finance, and legal and financial advice. There are profiles of opportunities and a Directory of franchises for sale and advisors.

Franchise New Zealand is current Service Provider of the Year to the franchise sector.

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New Zealand’s premier portable room hire business providing recurring weekly income with limited labour input. Great extra retirement income and/or an opportunity to buy into an essential services business ripe for expansion, which provides you an immediate financial return via a proven business system.

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How to Buy A Franchise

Make a safe and sensible decision about buying a business.

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Must Read Articles

Where do you start? How to get into your own business

How do you decide whether a business opportunity is right for you? Here’s a guide to working it out with links to all the resources you need to make the right decision

Understanding The Numbers

Philip Morrison of Franchise Accountants explains what financial reports can tell you about the business you’re buying

What Can You Afford?

Before you start looking at any particular franchise, you need to know what’s possible. Philip Morrison explains how to evaluate your own financial position

250 questions to ask your franchisor

What do you need to know before you buy a franchise? Here's a comprehensive list of over 250 vital questions to ask the franchisor that will help you make the right decision.

When support really matters

How does being part of a franchise help when the unthinkable happens and the whole country goes into lockdown? Here are some lessons from 2020.

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In Our Latest Issue

Bounce Back - Some sectors have been doing it tough, some have never had it so good. Which franchises are looking forward to good times ahead – and what should buyers look for?

Lessons of a Lifetime - Recently-retired Dean Madsen shares experiences gained from over 20 years in franchise banking.

What Should You Be Told? -  A good disclosure document is a great help when buying a franchise. What should it tell you?

Low-Investment Opportunities -  Franchising can offer an inexpensive way to go into business with some real support behind you.