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NZ Post to deliver KFC in Tauranga

posted on 3rd April 2017

KFC is to trial home delivery in Tauranga via the New Zealand Post courier network. The company ultimately plans to offer home delivery from around one-third to half of its New Zealand stores.

The news comes after UberEats launched in Auckland earlier this year to offer home delivery of products from a wide range of local restaurants. According to an article in the latest issue of Franchise New Zealand magazine (available free in print or digital form here), the service has proved hugely popular as a business-builder for brands like Burger Wisconsin and Mexicali Fresh, although the cost to franchisees is considerable.

UberEats has not yet launched in Tauranga, and is thought unlikely to operate in some of the smaller regions of New Zealand for some time. New Zealand Post's courier network, on the other hand, is already well-established throughout the country. The trial will show whether food delivery might offer a new source of revenue for drivers and restaurants alike as the market for eating out increases but lower drink/driving tolerances reduce mobility - especially outside centres well-served by public transport.

According to a release from KFC owner Restaurant Brands Ltd, customers will be able to order on the fried chicken chain's website and have their food delivered by an NZ Post driver.

Restaurant Brands chief executive Ian Letele said the decision to partner with NZ Post was due to their expertise in logistics.

'NZ Post has an extensive delivery distribution network around New Zealand, and KFC is available in most towns nationwide. With the support of NZ Post, we hope to service the home delivery needs of many more KFC customers throughout New Zealand,' said Letele.

Mike Stewart, general manager of customer experience and innovation at NZ Post said, 'We are very excited to be supporting such a well-known and loved brand as KFC.

'Our many years' experience, and growing strength in on-demand delivery makes us the ideal provider.'





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